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Trim made of PVC outperforms traditional wooden trim!

In today’s market, customers are gravitating towards the benefits of maintenance free, quality products that add value and beauty to their homes. Cellular PVC is a durable building material that looks like wood but lasts much longer and requires far less maintenance, making PVC trim a more economical alternative to wooden trim. 

Our full line of PVC products also includes attractive and durable long lasting moldings. PVC can be used indoor and outdoor.  We also produce PVC Trim Boards for Fascia, Frieze & Corners, Columns, Shutters, Soffits, and many other items where wood has normally been used.

The PVC Trim that we manufacture outperforms wooden trim every time – even pine! Why? Because Of:

  • Impact strength
  • Water resistance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Screw-holding power
  • Flame resistance
  • Low Maintenance Requirements

PVC Trim Options & Sizes

All trim is priced per square foot.