For 20 years Columns Plus has worked directly with builders to aid in design and provides unique products that elevate to curb appeal of their new homes. Columns Plus was involved in the introduction of Craftsman Products to the Ontario market and the design is now the most popular in Ontario. Being able to provide a low maintenance PVC Wraps to create tapered columns at reasonable prices has created a whole new market.

Many of our builders look to us for one off products that make their home unique and set them apart from their competitors. It is not uncommon that a builder will ask us to design something that will be their own.

For builders fast delivery is a must. At Columns Plus we cut, assemble and deliver most parts within 7 working days. Unmatched by any of our competitors, we are able to stand alone as the fastest supplier in Ontario.

If you are a builder in Ontario you can rest assured that Columns Plus will make you more competitive with our Builder Discount Program.

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