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What Does Columns Plus Make?

  • PVC Wraps & columns in many sizes and shapes
  • Polyurethane crown moldings, louvers, brackets and ceiling medallions
  • Assorted louvers and gable decorations
  • PVC shutters cut to specific size and shapes.
  • Many types of decorative brackets and corbels.
  • Easy to install PVC flower boxes, shutters, and accent walls

Our Advantage

We cut, assemble and deliver most parts within 7 working days.

Because of all the above products are made in our plant in Cambridge we are able to provide superior quality and delivery. Our service includes job site consults with builders and homeowners to insure that we fulfill your wish list to the utmost. When you order supplies for your job site they are built to fit your job and not random sizes that require hours of additional cutting and shaping.

Contact Columns Plus for quick delivery on standard & custom parts for your next project!

Columns Plus Supplies Homeowners & Renovators

Beautiful and easy-to-install PVC products, that simplify home renovation projects!

Columns Plus has been delivering superior building products to homeowners for over 20 years. At Columns Plus we work directly with the homeowner to design their renovation projects to be unique and custom tailored to their individual taste.

Need columns made to your specifications or PVC shutters cut to your exact size and shape, we can accommodate. At our CNC shop or in our onside foam plant we can provide the one offs that make your home different.

Columns Plus not only has a network of contractors in Southwestern Ontario that use our products but we also offer installation of our products as well.

Include Columns Plus on your list of suppliers for easy-to-install accent walls, shutters, flower boxes, and custom PVC products. Simplify your next renovation project with products supplied by Columns Plus.

Columns Plus Works With Commercial & Residential Builders

Rest assured that Columns Plus will make you more competitive with our Builder Discount Program.

For 20 years Columns Plus has worked directly with builders to aid in design and provides unique products that elevate to curb appeal of their new homes. Columns Plus was involved in the introduction of Craftsman Products to the Ontario market and the design is now the most popular in Ontario. Being able to provide a low maintenance PVC Wraps to create tapered columns at reasonable prices has created a whole new market.

Many of our builders look to us for one off products that make their home unique and set them apart from their competitors. It is not uncommon that a builder will ask us to design something that will be their own.

For builders fast delivery is a must. At Columns Plus we cut, assemble and deliver most parts within 7 working days. Unmatched by any of our competitors, we are able to stand alone as the fastest supplier in Ontario.

If you are a builder in Ontario you can rest assured that Columns Plus will make you more competitive with our Builder Discount Program.

For more information about our Builder Discount Program,  contact us!
Call Columns Plus at 519-653-3331 or email